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The majority of our leathers are semi aniline leather, which is leather that has been dyed using soluble dyes and then had a protective top layer applied to help against wear and staining.

To help maintain this leather, we recommend periodically applying a leather protector to help resist soiling from regular use. A protector will help staining from other items, such as clothing with dyes eg dark denim, and will increase the longevity of your leather upholstered items. Always test an inconspicuous area first, when applying a new product.

Pony Hide

It is recommended that you vacuum your pony hide upholstered furniture to get rid of any dirt and dust particles that accumulate. Brush the hairs gently against the grain to remove any particles that have become lodged in-between the hairs.

To help the hide to repel stains, apply a scotch guard or similar protector. Always test an inconspicuous area first when applying a new product.


Vacuum your furniture regularly to remove dust and loose dirt. For fixed covers, it is recommended that you do not use soaps or detergents as they can cause colours to bleed and the padding underneath can become too wet. This can cause staining and interior damage. Instead, seek a professional upholstery clean to remove stains.

Solid Timber

Applying a polish regularly will help your solid timber furniture to retain its natural oils and moisture and will increase the lustre of the wood. Dust the furniture with a slightly damp cloth, wiping in the direction of the natural grain. Avoid using the furniture when wearing items of clothing with metal rivets or embellishment, as this can scratch the wood. Also take care not to put hot cups or plates directly onto wooden surfaces, as these can cause discolouration.

Timber Veneers

All of our timber veneers are very thin sheets of real timber, so these goods should be treated much in the same way as solid timber. Dust the furniture with a slightly damp cloth, wiping in the direction of the natural grain. Apply a spray wax that is specially formulated for timber veneers to clean and enrich, without harming or darkening the timber.


One of the most important things to try to avoid in caring for metals is rust. To avoid rusting, use and store metal furniture inside. If your furniture does get wet, make sure to dry it with a cloth. To clean, wipe with warm, soapy water, drying well afterwards.

Fiberglass & Plastics

To clean your plastic and fiberglass furniture, wipe with warm, soapy water. Dry afterwards with a cloth. Much of our polypropylene furniture is weather resistant and UV stabilised, however it is always best to keep furniture away from direct sunlight and the sun’s harmful ultravoilet rays.