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Designer: Xavier Pauchard (1880-1948)

Xavier Pauchard, a creative, innovative and resourceful entrepreneur, pioneered galvanization techniques in France. He is the original designer of the famous Tolix Range, which was originally used in a number of institutions such as factories, offices and hospitals, as well as public parks.

He designed and produced this collection of metal furniture, which included stools, chairs and arm chairs made of pressed sheet and in 1927 registered the trade mark Tolix.

In the mid 1900s, Breweries supplied the Tolix Chairs to bars in exchange for selling their beer, leading to the chairs becoming common sights in the bars and brasseries around France. The scheme was ended in 1970 and the chairs were pulled out of production. Many admirers lamented the demise of the Tolix chair and the designs were brought back into production by a group of Tolix employees who campaigned to bring them back.

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