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Designer: Achille Castiglioni (1918- 2002)

A professor of Artistic Industrial Design and one of the founders of ADI (Association for Design Industry), Achille Catiglioni was an Italian Designer, born in Milan. In 1944, with his brothers, he set up a design office and from there became one of the most renowned Italian Industrial Designers. It was through this partnership dubbed the “Castiglioni brothers,” where Achille Castiglioni received the name of becoming one of the most elegant, clever and innovative partners in modern design.

Best known for his lighting designs, the unique shape, function and form of his brothers and his work is what attracted attention to their products. His aim was to create pieces which look physically impossible. Such products include the Arco lamp, In this instance it’s difficult to see how such a large object can stay upright with such a narrow base. That’s until you learn that the base is solid Italian carrara marble and so heavy that it takes two people to move it! The base has a hole drilled through the middle because to move the lamp you have to insert a broom stick through the hole.

““The function, what a nice form!” Achille Catiglioni

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