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Designer: Henry Walter Klein (1919 – )

Born in Norway, Klein was not always destined to be a furniture designer. His passions were in mathematics and the army, in which he joined the Royal Ship in 1937 and later the Norwegian Royal Marines.

He changed his studies over to cabinet making, where he learnt these skills through his time at Frederikberg Tekniske Skole, taught under the most esteemed Finn Juhl. In 1952 Klein worked as an interior designer for commercial windows, and designed custom timber pieces for his clients.

Through his personal practices, Klein began developing new techniques in manufacturing high quality plastic furniture. Due to the high costs, the patent was sold to 46 people including, Bramin and Fritz Hansen. Bramin, an established manufacturer in Bramming, Denmark developed his designers in all areas of upholstery and timber works, not just for his plastics.

Some of Klein’s most recognized products are his Bramin Chair, Extending Table and handmade teak sideboards.

A list of products inspired by H.W. Klein, which are available to purchase from our website, is below.