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Australian Design – Unique Statement Pieces

Australian design is proudly supplied at Replica Furniture. As a small Queensland owned business, we do our part to support local talent. We stock Australian themed prints and most importantly sell a range of Replica Grant Featherston Designs. Among our unique selection of furniture, we rank our Australian designs the highest.

Featherston Collection

Since the 1950’s, the Featherston Contour Lounge range has become iconic to Australian Design. Crafted to act as negative space to the body, the concept of this range is purely based on ergonomics. The Replica Featherston range has a modernist aesthetic, which lends it a sculptural appearance. Therefore this range is perfect to make a bold statement. The Replica Featherston contour range is inclusive of a chaise lounge, a two-seater and a single seat with an ottoman. We stock a range of colours across all three options. Additionally there is the choice of ash or walnut legs.

Australian Prints

Australian animal prints are trending, and they’ve become a staple in many homes. Not only are they adorable but they are eye-catching, due to their high-resolution. The prints draw you in and are the perfect fit for any Australian home. There’s a selection to choose from, including a Koala, Galah, Echidna and Native Banksia Flowers. The prints are finished in a neat frame, ready to hang.

Little Brown Dog Workshop

Replica Furniture is fortunate to stock Little Brown Dog Workshop pillowcases. They are handcrafted from beautiful linen and printed with water-based inks. Therefore these cases are well suited to Australia’s warm climate. Two different slips are available, with a choice between Eames chairs or charming homes, in a range of colours. Accessorize with these beautiful pillows and support a small Australian business!

Style your home with iconic designs and accessories from Replica Furniture. Our unique selection can shape up any space, whilst supporting historic and trending Australian Design.