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What to Consider when buying Dining Chairs

There are many things to consider when purchasing dining chairs; style, comfort and practicality…  Avid dinner party entertainers? Have young children? Size of dining room area? Leather, fabric, plastic, metal – do you have a preference for the material of the chair?

Replica Kantet Table with Replica Elbow Chairs
Alteri Bar Table with Replica US Navy Stools

All of these things need to be thought about during the decision-making process.

The Hans Wegner range of dining chairs would be considered as one of our best sellers – these iconic styles come in a variety of colour combinations which means they can usually be paired with most dining tables. There is the classic CH20 Elbow chair with its large square seat pad or the Wishbone Chair with its seat being made from a natural cord material which is tightened across the base which creates the seat itself.

Replica Wishbone Chair
Replica Hans Wegner PP68 Chair
Replica Elbow Chair

Another popular trend is the metal wire chairs – these wire chairs are available in chrome, white and black options. There are a variety of styles within this range to choose from, all of which can compliment a variety of styles/shapes of dining tables. This type of chair works well with our timber or marble top tables – a great contrast to the feature material of the table. The clean lines of these chairs can also add an extra feature to your space – adding a little something without being over the top.

Replica Bend Chair with Seat Pad
Replica Bertoia Chair with Seat Pad

Here at Replica Furniture we understand that making the final decision on a dining chair can sometimes be overwhelming, so we offer a 24 hour loan service from our Brisbane showroom – what this means it that you’ve got the ability to take home up to 3 dining chairs at once, that way you can fully visualise how they will look in the space and with your dining table. We find this service allows customers to be confident in their final decision, putting their mind at ease about their choice (also giving you the option to get others within the family involved with making the decision with you).