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Stylish and Weather-Resistant : The Perfect Outdoor Furniture


Creating an enchanting outdoor space begins with the right outdoor furniture. Whether it's a simple deck or a pool area, well-chosen furniture can turn it into an inviting oasis, perfect for relaxation and enjoyment in the great outdoors.

When selecting outdoor furniture, consider the following key factors:

1. Materials for durability 

It's crucial to choose outdoor furniture that can withstand harsh weather conditions to ensure its longevity and durability. At Replica Furniture, we prioritize high-quality materials like Polypropylene and Aluminium for all our outdoor furniture. Polypropylene, known for its durability, UV resistance, and scratch and stain resistance, makes it an excellent choice for outdoor use. Consider our popular Vegas Outdoor table, manufactured with Polypropylene, offering an elegant and durable outdoor dining option.

Vegas Medium Black Outdoor Table by Siesta - 180 cm or 220 cm - Made in Europe

Available in Black, White, and Grey, the Vegas table pairs perfectly with a range of Polypropylene chairs available at Replica Furniture, elevating your outdoor dining experience.

Black Outdoor Air Chair by Siesta - Made in Europe
Replica Masters Chair Black
Black Snow chair by Siesta - European Made - Outdoor Plastic Chair

Additionally, Aluminium outdoor furniture is lightweight, rust-resistant, and easy to maintain, making it ideal for coastal areas with corrosive saltwater air. Our Fermob range of chairs provides a stylish option to complete your outdoor dining area.

Replica Fermob Luxembourg Chair Black
Replica Fermob Luxembourg Chair - Aluminium
Replica Fermob Luxembourg Armchair - Made from Aluminium


2. Comfort for endless enjoyment 

Outdoor spaces are havens of relaxation and leisure. Comfortable outdoor chairs enable you to spend extended periods outdoors without discomfort. Our Replica Net Armchair , inspired by a traditional fishing net, features a broad seat and comfortable armrests, making it ideal for long, lazy lounging sessions by the pool.

Replica White Net Armchair Chair - Plastic Chairs

3. Function for enhanced practicality 

Tailoring furniture to specific needs ensures a functional and enjoyable outdoor area. If space is limited, consider space-saving stackable chairs like the Replica Viento Chair, available in a range of fun colours.

Replica Viento Outdoor Chair
Replica Viento Outdoor Chair
Replica Viento Chair
Replica Viento Chair - White
Replica Viento Chair - White

Versatility is also key, and pieces like the multifunctional Replica Prince AHA Stool can be used as occasional seating or side tables next to your pool lounge or sofa

Replica Prince AHA Stool - Black
Replica Prince AHA Stool - Black
Replica Prince AHA Stool - Low Plastic Stool
Replica Prince AHA Stool - White
Replica Prince AHA Stool - White

For a playful touch, the Cupcake Outdoor Side table and coordinating Cupcake Coffee table offer contemporary colours and multifunctional practicality, perfect for outdoor entertaining.

Cupcake Plastic Side Table Mint Green
Cupcake Outdoor Coffee Table Mint Green
Cupcake Outdoor Side Table Grey
Cupcake Outdoor Coffee Table Grey

4. Style 

Style plays a crucial role in creating an inviting outdoor space. A cohesive and coordinated look can be achieved with an 8-10 seater Vegas Outdoor dining table paired with Replica Ozone chairs, both in a stylish black finish.

Vegas Outdoor Dining Table w/ Replica Ozone Chairs
Vegas Outdoor Dining Table w/ Replica Ozone Chairs

At Replica Furniture, we offer a wide selection of stylish, practical, and contemporary outdoor furniture designed to withstand Australian weather conditions. With our 12-month warranty, you can enjoy your outdoor space with added comfort and peace of mind.

Elevate your outdoor living experience with the perfect combination of style and durability. Browse our diverse outdoor furniture range at Replica Furniture, and embrace the beauty and functionality of your outdoor oasis.