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Blush Colour Crush – Replica Featherston Lounge Chair

Fulfil your Blush crush with the Replica Featherston Lounge and Ottoman

Blush tones are here to warm up your winter and give your room a rosy, inviting glow.  Pink always seems to give us a reason to look around a room and have something to smile at.

Satisfy your Blush Colour Crush with our latest arrival of the Replica Featherston Lounge Chair in this much anticipated colour.  Pair our upholstered lounge chair and ottoman back with soft, lighter coloured timber in a light bathed, airy and minimal space or contrast them against black iron and walnut timbers in a more moody room layered with other rich, multi colours in Persian or Moroccan rugs.

Discover the versatility of Blush Pink

There’s so many ways to incorporate pinks.  We can style in a way that even the men in our lives are going to like it.  Gone are the days of “girly girl” pink!... well, sometimes… Lets not lie, we all love the femininity of pink too and this chair can add a mid-century-chic touch into a nursery as a feeding chair or give a splash of soft to a Mad Men inspired living room.

A Contemporary lounge chair choice

This Replica Featherston Lounge chair and colour sit so well in contemporary homes and interiors—they still feel fresh today, they still feel modern. Play with these sunset vibes and watch the room come to light.

Sophisticated dusky hues in Blush Pink

The Replica Featherston in Blush Pink is a combination of sophisticated dusky hues and timeless mid-century modernism reminding us that style isn’t about passing fancies, it’s about enduring, provocative grace.