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Boucle is Back!

Image of boucle fabric with a replica Pacha lounge chair.

Bouclé is Back!

No surprise that we are welcoming back the cosy comfort of bouclé in these increasingly challenging times. Originating in France in the 1940’s bouclé fabric (pronounced boo-klay) has appeared in iconic designs in both furniture and fashion. Picture Eero Saarinen’s original mid century Womb Chair or Coco Chanel’s timeless jackets.

Taking its meaning from the French for ‘curled’, bouclé fabric is characterised by the little loops of fabric. These loops give it a soft, knobbly feel, and are a wonderful way to bring texture and softness into a room. When used in a light, neutral tone a bouclé fabric chair creates an extra element of comfort. It invites you to touch and feel it, and immediately draws the eye without fighting with other pieces.

The Replica Pierre Paulin Pacha Chair

The Replica Pierre Paulin Pacha Chair from Replica Furniture is a perfect example of this. The curvaceous form of this accent chair in soft white bouclé fabric evokes thoughts of soft clouds and teddy bears.  Inspired by the original 1975 design it manages to be both sophisticated and homely at the same time.

How To Use Bouclé Fabric

Regardless of your choice of décor, incorporating soft bouclé fabric will add elegance, warmth and another layer of texture. This is easy to achieve with a snuggly throw or cushions as a starting point. For a little more impact go for a feature chair. Place it in an awkward corner in the living room as an extra seat for guests. A soft accent chair also works beautifully in the bedroom enhancing that calm, relaxed vibe. The replica Pacha Chair in white boucle fabric will make a statement but in a gentle way.  If your look is Scandi inspired it will make a seamless addition. In a contemporary or modern scheme it provides a little touch of cosiness without sacrificing the sleek design aesthetic.

The gorgeous Replica Pacha Lounge Chair upholstered in Boucle fabric is available to view at our Brisbane showroom.  Can't make it to the Showroom?  Contact our Team on 1300 338 978 to request more information.