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Styling Your Bench Seating for Dining.

Implementing a dining room bench seems easy enough, although there’s lots to consider about these innovative multipurpose seats. Through years of providing the best quality replica designer furniture to modern Australians, Replica Furniture Australia knows the ins and outs of bench seat styling. We are always eager to share our knowledge and expertise on this. Subsequently, we have organized our top tips and advice on how to best work with your dining room bench. Read on to find out how to best style a dining room bench in your Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne home. Alternatively, visit the Brisbane Showroom today to view the full range & be assisted by the friendly staff of Replica Furniture!

dining room bench
A Built in bench styled by @skylineburleigh with The Kantet Round Dining Table & The Replica J39 Shaker Chair by Borge Mogensen.

Why a Dining Room Bench?

Benches are space saving options for dining room seating however they are commonly overlooked. If you are tight on space or have a living room that doubles as a walkthrough area. A bench that can be tucked underneath the table in a way that traditional dining chairs cannot, drastically saving space. Furthermore, doing this will also allow more room for a functioning walkway. Additionally, using a bench will prevent a ‘busy’ or ‘clustered’ look that may occur easily when using dining chairs in an already limited space. Benches are also innately multipurpose, suitable for range of different purposes and rooms within your home. In this, purchasing a bench is a thoughtful investment.

Working with Built-in-Benches

When working with a built in bench, there are a few things to consider to ensure you are getting the utmost practicality and style out of its construction. The paramount consideration to make with built in benches is the height. There is nothing worse than achieving the dream built in bench only to find that when seated, certain guests are perched higher or lower than others. To avoid this, aim for your built in bench to reach a total height of 40cm-43cm.

As most dining room chairs and tables accommodate to a total seat height of 45cm, and built in benches typically require some type of cushioning on top of the bare material for additional comfort, it is important to spare a few centimeters in height. This way, a stylish bench cushion can be added to provide style depth and comfort while also giving those few extra centimeters of height. In turn, this ensures that when the dining table is in use, all guests will be comfortable and leveled.

Dining Room Bench Seating
Built in bench styled by @skylineburleigh; The Kantet Round Dining Table & The Replica J39 Shaker Chair by Borge Mogensen.

Built in Bench Cushioning & Upholstery

After ensuring your bench reaches an appropriate height for cushioning to be implemented without creating an unbalanced look, the process of styling your built-in-bench can begin. Built in benches with thoughtful cushioning have the potential for an elevated style which in turn enhances the entire look of the room. As providing a new texture on top of the standard timber material will bring style depth and contrast to the space.

A great way to take this extra step in style and achieve said thoughtful cushioning is to use an upholstery service. Selecting a fabric that introduces a new colour or texture executed by a good upholstery service will also add individuality to your piece. Recommended local Upholstery services include; Action Upholstery Services, The Upholstery Man, and Brisbane Upholstery.

Other Uses for Benches

Benches are innovative and multipurpose pieces, as previously mentioned, and can be of service for a multitude of different needs. In this, benches are also perfect for any evolving styles where you may decide to remodel your dining room. Benches will allow you to do this and not worry about having to get rid of furniture. Instead simply move the piece to a different room with different needs.

Such examples of this are, moving the Replica J83B Bench Seat by Jorgen Baekmark to the entrance way of the house. This will provide convenient seating for removing your shoes after a long day. Alternatively, move the Granada Timber Bench Seat by Dane Craft to the bedroom. Style at the end of the end bed for extra surface area for folded clothes or loose items. Furthermore, place the Fabric Bench by Alteri Designs in the lounge room. This will be great as additional comfy seating for friends on those occasional movie nights.

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