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Choosing the Right Height Stool

Replica Bend Bar Stool

Choosing the right height stool can be confusing, so we’ve got some tips to help you shop like a pro. It all comes down to the scenario you are buying your stools for. Is it a relaxed dining setting, a kitchen or a bar? If it doesn’t quite fit any of those settings, the height of the table or bench is a good indicator for selecting the right stool.

Low Stools - 45cm

Low stools are often used around coffee tables or low tables. They create a laid-back, casual feel and suitable for cafes. They are the same height as a dining chair, so they make for a perfect stool around the kitchen table. If you need to pack away the stools or space is limited, the low stools at Replica are stackable.

Kitchen Stools - 65cm

Kitchen stools are the most sought-after stools and often where the most confusion lies. These stools are 65cm high and suitable for kitchen counters, which have a standard height of 90cm. If your kitchen isn’t to standard or you are building a custom bench, no need to worry, the 65cm stool is most likely still suitable for your bench. If not, our loan service helps to clear up any doubts. When selecting your counter stool, consider how often you use the stools and who will be using them most. If comfort is your main goal, select a stool with back support or a slight lip, such as the Replica Hee Welling. If you wish to turn around on your stool to view the tv, or have kids, choosing a stool such as the Replica Turner or the Scandinavian to make swiveling a little easier.

High Bar Stools - 75cm

High stools are used for bars and tables above 100cm. These tables are often outdoors, which means the stool must be suitable for outdoor use, if it is exposed to weather. Replica offers a range of outdoor stools, such as the Air stool and Replica Masters stool, both with UV stabilized plastic to prevent fading. A range of indoor high bar stools are available to add interest to your space. If you are looking to fit out a meeting area in the office, comfort and practicality is most likely your goal.  The Replica Déjà vu can be easily tucked away, and its slim design allows for more stools around a table. The Replica Bend Stool is perfect for bars and restaurants, as it has matching counter stools and dining chairs, which will create consistency throughout your space.

Whether you are fitting out a café or switching over the stools in your kitchen, Replica Furniture has you covered. For all stool related queries, make sure you ask our friendly team to help steer you in the right direction to choosing the right height stool!