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Choosing the Right Dining Table

Formal dining

Choosing the right dining table for your family is a very important decision. It is the heart of the home and the centre piece for family life in Australia. When selecting a dining table, the height is one factor to consider. Standard dining table height can vary between 70-76cm. The height of your dining table can greatly influence the dining experience, atmosphere and the overall look of your room.

Formal Dining Settings

If you are wanting a dining table for a formal space, or to introduce a formal look to your open plan living space, then your best option would be a dining table with a height of 75-76cm. This is the ideal height to accommodate formal dining chairs with armrests and a seat height of 43-50cm.

This table height is also the optimum height for conference tables and desks to comfortably seat an office chair.

Casual Dining

To achieve a casual setting with a contemporary look, a lower table will suit your needs. Traditionally casual dining tables are approximately 70-73cm in height.

This table height is perfect for growing families, as 73cm is the ideal height to sit an infant’s high chair or to host a toddlers booster seat. This dining table height also comfortably accommodates any standard dining chair with a seat height of 43-45cm. This allows your table to transform into a homework station or to host relaxed family get-togethers and meals.

High Dining Tables

If you only have a small dining space to work with, a high dining table with comfortable stools is a great option, as it will make a small space appear and feel much larger.

A kitchen counter height dining table, with a table height of 90cm, is a very functional and modern dining table option. This height table is perfect in an open plan living arrangement and kitchen space.

Outdoor Dining

When it comes to outdoor table height, there are a range of options. The growing trend for outdoor dining tables is to opt for a bar table with a table height of 105-110cm, matched with 75cm outdoor stools.

The height of your dining table must be versatile and practical.

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