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We are the Replica Furniture Specialists

We are the Replica Furniture Specialists, who supply premium replicas for an affordable price. The best Replica Furniture store is our Brisbane based showroom. This is where you can find the finest replicas for your home, office, or business.

Design at an affordable price!

The demand for designer Replica Furniture is on the rise, as a result of its price point. Replicas sit three to five times lower than authentic designer furniture, which makes them more desirable. Our products are thoughtfully crafted and manufactured, which gives them a high quality finish.

Our company offers replicas of the most iconic mid-century modern designs. We pride ourselves on offering more contemporary replicas, therefore allowing us to stay up to date with trends in furniture. We honour the original aesthetics of each design, as a result we can give you the experience of a designer product, at a much more affordable price.

Replica Furniture Specialists

Showroom & Shipping

Replica Furniture can offer such affordable prices due to our strong relationships with our quality manufacturers. All our available products are in stock and ready for immediate shipping. Therefore, we are known for our quick and easy delivery service. You will be enjoying your Replica Furniture within days of dispatch.

Our company offers in store and online shopping. Visit us at our Brisbane showroom, 7 days a week, or check in to our online store. Our helpful team are happy to assist with your enquiries and offer free professional interior decorating advice.

Loan Service

Replica Furniture invites you to make the most of our 24 hour loan service, available from our showroom. Select from our Replica Dining Chairs, Replica Outdoor Chairs or Replica Stools and borrow our floor stock to try before you buy. Take home up to three styles to discover which Replica Furniture Design is best for you.

We are the Replica Furniture Specialists providing the best replica products. Our top quality replicas are offered at a low price and might be just what you’ve been searching for!